About me

Welcome to biochembliss!

My name is Ramisha and I’m a second/third year student studying Biochemistry at the University of Sussex. I’m currently taking a little bit of a hiatus from studies due to the pandemic. Through my posts I hope to keep my connection with the scientific world and share some really fascinating tidbits of biochemistry with you all!

Together, we will explore the fantastic biochemical world via the monthly feature of Molecule of the Month and other relevant subjects such as vaccination, widening participation in STEM and understanding parts of the scientific world which are hidden from us. Fascinating stuff!

This blog and all the articles are aimed for all audiences whether you’ve picked up a pipette or not. If there’s anything which is unclear, or you would like to leave constructive critique (and praise), please don’t hesitate to contact me by my biochembliss social media channels or via e-mail at: biochembliss@hotmail.com

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