Molecule of the Month: Pollen

Pollen is the source of all plant life on Earth. Coming in a different range of consistencies, colours, and types pollen is integral to not only the life cycle of the plant, but also serves agricultural purposes. Plants can undergo different types of reproduction, depending on whether their flowers contain both male and female sexContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Pollen”

Sex and the immune system

Society would have us believe that men and women are vastly different from one another, that the bridge between these binaries causes confusion, hurt, and pain. Although, the term “Men come from Mars and Women come from Venus” has been critically analysed time and time again, when looking at the workings of the immune system,Continue reading “Sex and the immune system”

Molecule of the Month: Gluten

Breads, pastries and cakes are foods humans have been making and devouring for centuries. In particular, bread has been a central staple of our diet as scientists in 2018 discovered evidence of bread-making from a 14,000-year-old dig site1. One central component to breads and other baked goods is gluten. This molecule able to provide uniqueContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Gluten”

Micropipette – The scientist’s paintbrush

Just as painters would struggle to practise their craft without a paintbrush, scientists and technicians alike would be disorientated without a trusted pipette. Pipettes, especially micropipettes, allow scientists to accurately transfer and measure hazardous or harmful substances which are often less than a millilitre in volume. A lab, and a scientist for that fact, isContinue reading “Micropipette – The scientist’s paintbrush”

Molecule of the Month: Auxin

As the bitter, cold winter comes to a slow end in the Northern Hemisphere we are reminded of the warmth and light that spring gladly offers. The icy patches are replaced by the buds and shoots of daffodils, tulips and crocuses that may have planted in the dead of winter. This re-awakening of Mother NatureContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Auxin”

Cancer vaccination: Hope or Hype?

As various countries roll out the few COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved, many scientists, world leaders, and citizens hope that this will be a large step towards normalcy. Between report of efficacy data, mutant strains, and vaccine nationalism it is easy to overlook the effect the pandemic has had on cancer patients and theirContinue reading “Cancer vaccination: Hope or Hype?”

Molecule of the Month: Oxytocin

Literature, religion and philosophy have sought to understand and rationalise the multifaceted aspects of love through poetry, prose and songs. Shakespeare, Rumi and Ariana Grande have tried to encapsulate the heart wrenching passion of romance and why we humans seem to subject ourselves to devotion. Recently, science has become interested in the physiological and physicalContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Oxytocin”

Politicisation Of Science

2020 was an unpresented year for everyone around the globe, our lives have fundamentally changed in measurable and immeasurable ways. Last year was also the time for science to shine, as much of our livelihoods from health to agriculture, depends on scientific and research backed policy to aid our quality of living. However, policymaking isContinue reading “Politicisation Of Science”

Molecule of the Month: Lawsone

Being of Bengali-British decent, there always have been two distinct parts of my identity. The one where I am to deeply relate to the struggles of a Bollywood protagonist being married off, and the other where I deeply love a morning cuppa. Having the best of the both worlds doesn’t come without its challenges ofContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Lawsone”

Molecule of the Month: Tryptophan

TW: Article loosely discusses depression and low mood The holiday season is associated with many things, bright lights, dark nights, lazy Boxing Day mornings, questionably bad Christmas movies and finally, turkey. Undeniably, one of the best aspects of this season is the food – even coming from a person who doesn’t observe the holiday. RoastContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Tryptophan”