Molecule of the Month: Pollen

Pollen is the source of all plant life on Earth. Coming in a different range of consistencies, colours, and types pollen is integral to not only the life cycle of the plant, but also serves agricultural purposes. Plants can undergo different types of reproduction, depending on whether their flowers contain both male and female sexContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Pollen”

Micropipette – The scientist’s paintbrush

Just as painters would struggle to practise their craft without a paintbrush, scientists and technicians alike would be disorientated without a trusted pipette. Pipettes, especially micropipettes, allow scientists to accurately transfer and measure hazardous or harmful substances which are often less than a millilitre in volume. A lab, and a scientist for that fact, isContinue reading “Micropipette – The scientist’s paintbrush”

Molecule of the Month: Oxytocin

Literature, religion and philosophy have sought to understand and rationalise the multifaceted aspects of love through poetry, prose and songs. Shakespeare, Rumi and Ariana Grande have tried to encapsulate the heart wrenching passion of romance and why we humans seem to subject ourselves to devotion. Recently, science has become interested in the physiological and physicalContinue reading “Molecule of the Month: Oxytocin”

Politicisation Of Science

2020 was an unpresented year for everyone around the globe, our lives have fundamentally changed in measurable and immeasurable ways. Last year was also the time for science to shine, as much of our livelihoods from health to agriculture, depends on scientific and research backed policy to aid our quality of living. However, policymaking isContinue reading “Politicisation Of Science”